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Handmade Chrysoprase Swarovski Crystal Beaded Calming Necklace


Chrysoprase emits a powerful calming and soothing energy that feels like unconditional love. These stones bring joy and happiness while alleviating depression, anxiety, and stress. Chrysoprase brings your life and your heart into alignment.

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ENERGETIC PROPERTIES: Fossils offer a grounding and calming energy that allow us to focus on the quality of our experience and are excellent companion stones for times of transition, transformation, and personal growth.

HISTORY: Orthoceras fossils are the remains of highly intelligent, extinct marine animals that lived 400 million years ago. Their fossilized remains combined with the mineral composition of the stone are believed to be an excellent healing stone and one that offers luck and prosperity.


INFLUENCES: Improves emotional balance and confidence, stimulates the mind leading to openness and innovation, stimulates life force energy, lifts depression and balances root chakra, assists with life transition, transformation and personal growth.

MATERIALS: This beaded necklace features an ancient Orthoceras Fossil mineral pendant adorned with golden peach crystals, iridescent shell leaves, turquoise beads, silver clasp and signature tag. Intuitively selected and lovingly crafted by the hands of a genuine healer.

Chain Length: 19 inches

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Weight 2 oz


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