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When life seems to have lacked it’s meaning and purity, and you find yourself stuck in a place of darkness, this is the best time to call out for help and listen to any answers that might be given. When I found Dawn, I was caught up in anxiety, medication, pressure from my parents, and fear, struggling to find connection with people I resonated with who might be able to make sense of the darkness. The fear I experienced came from a real place, but Dawn gave me tools to face the anxiety and fear and make choices from there. Now when I face fear, I look to see what it is really communicating to me and what choices I have around me. Being medicated from the age of five for ADHD, I was taught that fear was a natural part of life that I would have to learn to cope with. This made me unsure of my emotions, thoughts, and how to handle situations with people, and greatly affected my self esteem. Other people in my life had greater power over me because they felt I did not function normally. After working with Dawn, all of that changed. Dawn has been extremely helpful to helping me understand how my mind works, how to read my emotions, and who I am underneath all the programming and expectations coming from others.
She is truly a divine being sourcing love and light to heal others. She showed me the beauty my spirit held and the strength I had to face the obstacles in my life. After just two calls, I awoke to finally see and feel who I truly was, limitless potential. Now, I feel truly connected to who I am and what feels good for my life. I am a friend to my inner needs and am enjoying taking personal responsibility for my journey without giving in to fear, or giving away my personal power, and without the use of medication. I am finding inner healing and a deeper connection with others now that I know who I am.
Thank you so much Dawn for all that you have done! I am extremely blessed to have made a friend in you. For those of you looking to heal and integrate the intelligence of your heart with the potential of the mind, please be kind to yourself and seek the guidance that Dawn can bring you. Her experience and gifts are of extreme value and will save you eons of time making mistakes and trying to figure things out on your own.
Jane Doe
Dawn, I want to thank you! YOU have been instrumental in the positive shift in my life! You guided me to see that one of my strongest blocks is being unheard. Through past experiences of being misunderstood or judged, I had become so afraid of being outcasted that I do not speak my ideas or act a little silly in expressions of joy. Your guidance has helped me realize that I was not sharing my needs with my husband until I could no longer take it and would explode verbally to him. At that point, I could not express myself clearly. Sure enough, a week after we talked, the frustration happened again, but this time I was able to think through what I really needed and after calming down, we were able to work through it. We both realized that the responsibilities of maintaining a home, raising kids, and owning a business together were not equally distributed. We have been working on finding a better balance since you spoke with us and are better at communicating more effectively when issues arise. Thank you so, so much!