One-on-One Intuitive Guidance

The dominant conditioning of our culture teaches us that feelings and emotions make us weak and vulnerable to attack and therefore, can not be trusted. Painful emotional experiences frighten us from wanting to explore our feelings too deeply. This is when we usually begin shutting down the powerful link between the hearts intelligence center and the mind. By suppressing our feelings and emotions, we literally turn off the conduit to our higher self and disconnect from the sense of the interconnected universe. We do this effectively by ignoring our feelings and placing greater emphasis on the mind. This is what it means to be identified with the ego, a survival tool of the mind. The heart and the mind are intelligence centers that are meant to be developed and when integrated, make a powerful creator. They are meant to work together to achieve your goals. When we awaken, we realize there are many tools that we can develop to bring us into greater vitality. The heart is there to be your guide.

Dawn is an highly sensitive empath intuitive who is attuned to helping people understand their journey and live more vibrantly. As an empath, she spent her life observing all the complex realities going on around her. Her unique connection to this field of emotional interconnection allowed her to be of service to people who were lost or hurting, or experiencing some sort of a disconnection with themselves in their lives. She has a gentle way of making this process feel like an adventure that will keep you engaged in wanting to know more about yourself.