Sometimes we are faced with a unique situation or challenge that can really throw us off of our game. Talking to someone who has a wealth of experience and intuitive guidance can be very enlightening. As a highly sensitive empath and spiritual intuitive with extensive life experience, Dawn will help you analyze the situation from a more expanded perspective, illuminating the known and unknown aspects of the situation clearly for you. No matter how large or small the problem is, no matter where it exists in your life, talking to someone with these gifts can be incredibly freeing and helpful.

Understanding Change

Our ways of understanding and maturing evolve through experience, which requires change. Change is a universal force which removes situations that are no longer in service to our higher selves and the intention of our growth. Oftentimes, we are not aware whether something is serving us well. That is why when change removes someone or something from our lives, it has the power to bring us to our knees and cripple us. The pain we experience can shatter our hearts into a million fractured pieces leaving us feeling lost, confused, and feeling that life is cruel and relentless.

Dawn has mastered some of the most difficult changes and uncertainties a person can experience in this realm. As an intuitive guide, she can help you see the examine the experience you are going through at a deeper level to help you understand why this change has come and how to perceive it in a way which can help you. For if we do not stop to understand the great transitions of our lives, we will react to them with defensive behavior and can stay stuck in the experience for longer than necessary. Dawn can illuminate the deepest, most hidden secrets from the subconscious to help you begin trusting in your decisions and intuition again.

Integrating Emotional Intelligence

The dominant conditioning of our culture teaches us that feelings and emotions make us weak and vulnerable to attack and therefore, can not be trusted. Painful emotional experiences frighten us from wanting to explore our feelings too deeply. This is when we usually begin shutting down the powerful link between the hearts intelligence center and the mind. By suppressing our feelings and emotions, we literally turn off the conduit to our higher self and disconnect from the sense of the interconnected universe. We do this effectively by ignoring our feelings and placing greater emphasis on the mind. This is what it means to be identified with the ego, a survival tool of the mind. The heart and the mind are intelligence centers that are meant to be developed and when integrated, make a powerful creator. They are meant to work together to achieve your goals. When we awaken, we realize there are many tools that we can develop to bring us into greater vitality. The heart is there to be your guide.

Dawn is an highly sensitive empath intuitive who is attuned to helping people understand their journey and live more vibrantly. As an empath, she spent her life observing all the complex realities going on around her. Her unique connection to this field of emotional interconnection allowed her to be of service to people who were lost or hurting, or experiencing some sort of a disconnection with themselves in their lives. She has a gentle way of making this process feel like an adventure that will keep you engaged in wanting to know more about yourself.

Understanding Awakening

A moment of awakening is truly nothing short of a miracle. We are born into a life of expectation and performance until one day the preverbal rug is pulled out from under us. Something serious happens in our lives which wakes us up through loss or grief. Our sense of security is gone. We feel a disruption from experiencing reality in a linear way. We may feel raw and broken open, uncertain of which feelings to trust and how to make sense of our lives from there. The nature of awakening is a spiritual act. It brings deep emotional knowledge with it to guide you, but if you do not trust in your intuition or know what is happening, it can feel very confusing. Some are lucky enough to experience it differently, but can still be left astonished and confused about what to do.

So what does it mean to awaken? Awakening is the process of becoming self aware. We see our lives and our own actions much more clearly. We awaken to illusions, we awaken to fear, we awaken to our emotions and our interconnection, and we realize that we have the ability to create the life we wish for ourselves. Many concepts we thought were true before awakening, may not seem true anymore.  A flood of new insights and emotions may come with our new awareness. The main issue people struggle with, is not begin able to fit back in to the standard size box they once did. We may even find dissatisfaction in the way we once lived. We find ourselves literally between stories.

Dawn has personally experienced awakening many times. She has found that there were many preverbal forks in the road that test our ability to discern the truth for ourselves. Awakening happens in cycles during the course of our lives. It is a spiritual rite of passage meant to connect you fully with your higher self and help you develop your gifts. Usually those who have awoken, have an important reason why. Dawn can help you understand what this awakening is doing for you and what choices you have to work with it. Awakening is the flowering of the heart and mind, the unifying of source field consciousness with your humanity. Miraculous things come when we learn to trust this process and empower it. Dawn is an exceptional and loving guide.

Growing Deeper With Love and Support

From the time we are born we learn about how to treat one another through observing the relationships around us. These relationships teach us how much to give and how much to hold back. Many of us grew up in dysfunctional environments disconnected from witnessing true loving intention, trust, affection, friendship, and support. We are conditioned for acceptance by our peers, and sometimes that conditioning enforces the dysfunction too.

Many people have a difficult time knowing if they can trust their feelings or their partner. They find it hard to completely surrender to love for fear of loss, or pain. Many unconsciously carry broken heartedness into the relationship with them from the past which can be expressed in unhealthy ways of communicating and behaving. While others feel vindicated to stay in the shallow aspect of the relationship pool because it is the benchmark of their peers. It is a miserable failure, no one is happy there. But no one is brave enough to point out the obvious either. They choose what feels safe, never realizing that their underlying unhappiness will have them acting out behaviors in subconscious ways that can wreak havoc in their lives.

We have a choice in how our lives turn out. Choosing to love someone else means that you place them as the highest priority in your life. From there everything changes for the better if you are truly in alignment with one another. This process offers you both a chance to question everything and decide what love story you want to experience together. Growing deeper in our expression and understanding of love is the most important thing we could do to cultivate meaning in our lives.

Dawn’s attunement to the knowledge of deep abiding love and friendship will help you develop deep loving communication between one another. She will help you learn how to validate one another in ways that are empowering, help you learn to trust the integration of your lives so that you can sink into a deep calm grounded journey together. Anything can be healed in this work. The love you develop in the primary relationship of you life overflows as a blessing to those who resonate with you. Once a couple has intertwined as one, each of them begin to fully blossom the awakened heart and mind. The possibilities of tapping into the blessings of love are endless. Dawn is an exceptional guide.

Finding Your True Love

Finding love for some can be the greatest challenge of all. But for those of us who have been very successful with finding our true love or sharing great experiences with love, it is our greatest joy to share the hidden secrets of what it truly means to love. It begins with knowing your value and loving yourself. For when you know who you are and what type of experience you truly wish to live, you don’t have to do the looking, love will find you! Dawn will walk with you on this journey as a guide to help awaken you to your true beauty that others see in you, and how you can find the beauty you wish to compliment your life and experience with.

Recovering Well

Everyone makes mistakes, but it’s how you recover that will show a person how much they matter to you, how much their feelings matter, and how much you love them. Recovering well is one of the most important tools to develop in our lives. It allows us to move from the conditional to the unconditional ways of loving each other, ourselves, and acting from emotional maturity.

No matter how “bad” the problem is, we all have the power to recover well once we embrace what makes us beautiful, our humility. Mistakes can leave massive imprints on our psyche and continue manifesting in our lives for decades, which leave us feeling stuck in the experience of past mistakes. Emotions like shame, anger, envy, blame, and revenge can leave us stuck in the experience of the mistake forever too, while encasing us in victim or perpetrator roles. But the choice is always ours, to choose our perceptions rooted in either love or fear. Blame or personal accountability and gratitude for learning.

Fear is how these impressions are burned into the record of the mind and body. Fear is a survival tool of the ego, the ego thinks of itself as your protector. But what we often find is that the ego is what causes the separation and the divide. It is the path of love which desires to make amends and chooses greater understanding. Love leads us towards a place of reconciliation and harmony again, it wants us to feel at peace with how we have left things, no matter what the outcome. Many of us give up on the experiences, the people, or the ideas we have much too early because we haven’t stepped into our courage to recover well.

Dawn will help you understand your options for recovering well. No matter how badly we mess up, its the recovery that people remember most when its done with sincerity and genuine love. Dawn can help attune you to your nature within. This work can be done with individuals or couples.


Forgiveness is an act of unconditional love which sets us free to heal the initial wound. Unconditional love is essential for us to practice with ourselves. For we can only give when we have something of quality to receive. When we experience a betrayal of some sort, it is important to talk about our feelings. The more we face the things that have hurt us, the faster we transmute anger and destructive emotions into an experience which brings personal empowerment and creativity. Unconditional love towards ourselves and others allows us to rise into higher realms where we have greater access to compassion and empathy. When we can learn to see a situation unfold from an unattached perspective, it becomes easier to understand the situation objectively without feeling victim to it. From there we can learn how to set up boundaries and how to discern the our soul’s truth by trusting our intuition. This process allows us to discover the ways we may have subconsciously been a part of our own betrayal for the sake of learning and deepening in growth, and for the sake of breaking wide open to become stronger, wiser, and therefore more sure of what it is we truly wish.

Forgiveness is about making peace within ourselves and letting go of the energetic binding that anchors you through your emotions. No matter how complex the situation seems, unconditional love for others begins within yourself and your own journey of self awareness. Dawn can help you see things in a new way. Her deeply empathic abilities will allow you to tune into who you truly are at your divine essence, allowing you to get in touch with a higher level of compassion and empathy. She will help you learn to forgive and love yourself. Available for individuals and couples.

The Soul Perspective

What does it mean to understand life from a soul perspective? How does it change everything about the way we operate in the world and in our relationships? Navigating life from a soul perspective is a game changer. You are able to examine life objectively, non-attached to an outcome, yet receiving the learning and wisdom hidden underneath the surface. Everything seems to make more sense as you begin experiencing life from a soul level perspective. Dawn is able to help you process the experience and beliefs about those experiences to bring integration between the mind, spirit, and emotional body.

When we are making decisions from this level of consciousness, we feel supported and held in a new way and are guided by a deeper knowing of intuition and universal support. Synchronicity begins to flow, allowing us to make choices coming towards us rather than having the mind convince us that we are responsible for fixing and doing everything. There are so many ways we can choose to play in this realm when we understand what this journey is all about for us and what we desire to make of it while we are here. This is what it means to awaken and become the creator of your journey.

Dawn is an Empathic Life Processing Guide who since the age of three, knew deeply that her time here was to be spent teaching the world how to love one another again and bring humanity towards deep abiding friendship. She is deeply attuned to the source of unconditional love and peace and can help find the source of peace within you. Dawn lives being guided by her soul. She can help you understand your life from this soul perspective as well.

Loss of Identity

Sometimes the uncertainty of life creates cataclysmic changes in the story we are living. We find ourselves being thrown into the abyss of a very big ocean of new experiences which can create waves of fear, anxiety, and a loss in identity. This can feel terrifying and isolating. When the story we identified with shatters our identity, we are left questioning everything we previously assumed. We no longer fit into the limited awareness that we once did. We feel lost and unsure about our place in the world. And we sometimes find it difficult to resume life in the same ways again.

We are at a proverbial fork in the road, our awakening. Our survival mind known as the ego creates false identities for us to play out in different situations. The ego kicks in anytime our sense of security in question. The egos function is to point out any perceived danger or fear. So when we lose our sense of identity, it can feel as if we have lost everything, which can feel overwhelming. What will you choose? Will attempt to stuff yourself back into the limited mold you were just excised from? Do you desire to know yourself more intimately and authentically? The universe awaits to empower you.

Dawn has moved through personal identity crises many times and can help guide you towards inner connection within. She helps her clients understand what the circumstances in their lives are communicating, recovering the pieces within that create a new vision and way of identifying with your authentic self.